The Global Games are a set of junior sports events that bring together teams from across New Zealand and overseas together. We provide experiences that provides the sheer enjoyment and buzz of being involved in a big event: touring with team mates across the country to meet face to face with not only teams from different regions, but from around the world too, playing in sporting arenas normally reserved for sporting heroes.

Global Games brings junior communities and cultures together, working in conjunction with key associates and sporting bodies to hold some of New Zealand’s largest junior sporting tournaments and festivals.

We aim to create a high level of fairness, sportsmanship and excitement through sport at our events in a tournament structure. The event framework in place ensures that regardless of skill level, team enjoyment is secured and fun maximized throughout. We empower young people in a unified and inspiring way regardless of abilities, or social position.

We offer young people a pathway forward and a substantial level of development to make them more confident and all rounded people by the end of their tournament!

Welcome to the world of Global Games!

Our team is committed to providing amazing experiences to all involved in our sporting events! Everyone will come away with amazing memories!