We are here to give you the best experience possible for all players, coaches, managers, parents and supporters involved in the Global Games!

Tyrone Campbell

Events Director

Tyrone is the man behind the Global Games vision. Tyrone has worked in the sports and travel industry for over fifteen years, here in NZ and overseas. He has established Global Games on the fundamental principal of providing a memorable experience for the children who come to the events, to encourage a healthy, active lifestyle combined with the friendship values of team sports. Tyrone enjoys spending time with his young family and all things outdoors, along with baking pies.

Jason Hart

General Manager

Jason has a passion for working with youth and sports! He joined the Global Games team after completing his degree in Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Auckland. Along side his studies at school and university, he was also in a wide range of leadership roles. Jason has honed in his project management skills to help the community and youth through sports!

"I really enjoy what an impact that the Global Games can have on so many young athletes! I count myself as being extremely lucky to be part of such an organisation!"

Dr Te Taka Keegan

Event Head Quarters Manager

Te Taka is a core member of the Global Games team. He is in charge of making all our draws for the tournaments. He also manages all the referees and volunteers making sure that they are all taken care of at the events. Te Taka is also Senior Lecturer of Computer Science at Waikato University and has previously worked for Google. In 2018, Te Taka was awarded a Sustaind Excellence in Tertiary Teaching Award as well as the Prime Minister's Supreme Award. He has been passionate about junior sport with a strong background in rugby through coaching and refereeing.

" I enjoy refereeing immensely, best view in the house, best interaction possible for a non player. Knowing the kaupapa of Global Games and seeing the joy it gives the children means this is an organisation that gets my full support."

Rose & Phil Black

Communication Managers

Rose and Phil love to get stuck into the events by providing technical support and communication management for the team. Phil has a deep connection with sport and the community as shown by his history. He has coached rugby & cricket and also been involved with youth groups & participated in various sports. Since 1978, He has attended the Annual Sports Camp at Totara Springs, Matamata and is also involved at Willow Park Sports Camps in Eastern Beach Akld. He referees rugby & touch rugby. Also he has experience as a referee in other codes like Hockey, Soccer, Indoor Bowls & Volleyball. He likes to use humour to interact with both players, supporters & other officials. He loves sport and what it can do to help people grow, educate themselves in order to excel.

"Love the concept that Global Games has with emphasis on the sportsmanship & comradery, with participation at a competitive level within the different codes of Sports"

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